Special Knapsack Frequency Converter For Water Pump XCD-H3000

XCD-H3000 series is a special knapsack frequency converter for water pump, which is mainly used in equipment occasions that require automatic constant pressure function (such as fans, water pumps, etc.). The inverter is also designed with a dedicated universal base. With that base, it can be easily installed on different devices, which greatly reduce the installation problems of the client. Built-in PID and advanced energy-saving software algorithm can save a lot energy with power-saving effect of 20%~60% (depending on the specific usage). Soft start and soft stop can eliminate the water hammer effect, reduce the average torque and wear on the motor shaft, thereby reducing the number of maintenance and maintenance costs, and greatly improving the life of the equipment.

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1. Speed regulation through the panel. The frequency converter has its own control panel, and the speed can be adjusted through the up and down keys of the control panel. Some frequency converters have potentiometers and can also be adjusted by rotating the potentiometer. The principle is to change the voltage according to the size of the potentiometer's rotating resistance, and finally realize the speed control. To realize the panel speed control, first set it in the parameters, and then select the HM terminal for the speed control method. 2. Speed regulation through the control terminal. Terminal speed regulation can be divided into different signal types, which are divided into voltage signals and current signals. The voltage signal is generally 0 to 10 volts, and the current signal is generally 4 to 20 mA. Voltage and current signals. Some of the options are selected by parameters, and some are selected by the jumper of the frequency converter. For example, to select a current signal of 4 to 20 mA, you need to connect the current input signal of the terminal to plc or dcs, when dcs or plc outputs 4 When the frequency reaches 20 mA, after the frequency converter receives it, it will perform related speed regulation, using terminal speed regulation. When setting the parameters, select the control terminal for the speed regulation mode, which can be changed from 4 to 20 according to the maximum and minimum speed limits of the frequency converter parameters. Rotation speed corresponding to milliampere. 3. Speed regulation through 485 communication. At present, most frequency converters on the market have 485 communication function. The communication terminals can be connected to dcs or plc, upper computer, and other control equipment. After connecting the communication cable, follow the instructions provided by the frequency converter. The communication protocol and baud rate of the frequency converter are used for configuration. If multiple frequency converters are connected, the address needs to be set. After the setting is completed, the relevant data of the frequency converter can be read on the upper computer, or the relevant command can be written by the upper computer. Control the frequency converter, and finally realize the purpose of frequency converter speed regulation.The main uses of XCD-H3000: According to the current working status of the air compressor and water pump, if the pressure reaches the preset value, the motor will run after unloading, which will generate unnecessary electricity demand and waste electric energy. After installing the frequency converter, and setting the required pressure, if the pressure exceeds the set value, the frequency converter starts to decelerate, to make the pressure be constant within the set range. The frequency converter controls the air compressor or water pump motor to automatically adjust the speed, so that the equipment used can achieve the best energy-saving effect under the condition that the pressure is basically unchanged. If it runs at the set pressure value for a long time, it will automatically stop. And when the pressure is lower than the set lower limit threshold, it will automatically start.

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