Simple vector frequency converter XCD-E2000

A single phase to three phase converter is a three phase star connected squirrel cage induction motor. It converts 380V single phase 50Hz (across UV input) to 380V three phase (UVW) . It is used extensively on railways 25kV 50Hz electric locomotives for driving 150kVA three phase motor load of auxiliary drives like compressors, blowers, pumps…

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1. The voltage range of 110V level: 80v-145v, power: 0.4KW, 0.75KW, 1.5KW, 2.2KW; 2. The voltage range of 200V level: 160V-260V, power: 0.4KW, 0.75KW, 1.5KW; 3. The voltage range of 400V level: 340V-440V, power: 0.4KW, 0.75KW, 1.5KW, 2.2KWScope of application: 1. Pump type load 2. Fan type load 3. Rolling mill type load 4. Hoist type load 5. Converter type load 6. Roller table type load 7. Transport vehicle type load Frequency inverters occupy maximum market share due to their comprehensive use in all types of industries and induction motors to achieve multiple speeds of operation. By application, the inverters that are used for pumps capture maximum market share. The high power inverters are applied in heavy industries such as oil & gas, metals & mining, power generation, cement, paper, wind energy, water & wastewater, and marine. These involve huge capital and infrastructure investment expending but offer enormous savings and reduction in power consumption.

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