Mini Size Variable-Frequency-Drive LSD-J7000

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LSD-J7000 series variable-frequency-drive(VFD) is a high-performance full vector VFD, mainly used to control and adjust the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motors. The LSD-J7000 series VFD has a built-in ST (STMicroelectronics) 32-bit microprocessor. The algorithm and function are optimized to the greatest extent. This series not only retains the main functions of the LSD-B7000, but also added some functions according to customers' requirements. At the same time, all functional parameters are grouped and designed to reduce the trouble and misoperation of customers when modifying parameters, which greatly increase the operability of the VFD. Also, the design volume of LSD-J7000 series is generally lighter than the same type VFD in the market, and it is more convenient for customers to use.1. Using 32-bit motor dedicated CPU, which has high-precision frequency output, and resolution up to 0.01Hz. 2. Comes with PID control functions. 3. Built-in RS485 communication interface, adopting international standard MODBUS bus control protocol. 4. With vector control mode and V/F control mode, it is suitable for various working conditions. 5. Low-speed rated torque output is 0.2Hz, and 150% rated torque can be output at startup. 6. With automatic voltage adjustment, frequency tracking starts when instantaneous stop. 7. With multi-speed control function, the carrier frequency is adjustable. 8. With multiple fault protection functions in conditions such as overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent, overload and etc. 9. Super strong anti-interference ability, can easily realize remote control. 10. With the function of motor parameter self-learning.It is widely used in small cycloid motors and equipment with low requirements.

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