Economic Vector AC Drive LSD-C7000

LSD-C7000 series is an economic vector ac drive, which mainly used to control and adjust the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motors. The LSD-C7000 series ac drive has a built-in ST (STMicroelectronics) 32-bit microprocessor. The algorithm and function are optimized to the greatest extent. This kind of ac drive not only retains the main functions of the LSD-B7000 series VFD, but also added some functions according to customers’ requirements. The logic of the machine is stronger. At the same time, all functional parameters are grouped to reduce the misoperation of customers when modifying parameters, and greatly increase the operability of the ac drive. The design volume of LSD-C7000 series ac drive is generally lighter than the same types of ac drive in the market, which is more convenient for customers to use.

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LSD-C7000 product application industry: Processing centers, large complete sets of equipment, plastic machinery, textiles, printing, copper materials, printing and dyeing, packaging, woodworking machinery and other industries

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