High Protection Universal Vector Inverter XCD-E7000

XCD-E7000 series is a high protection universal vector frequency inverter, mainly used to control and adjust the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motors. Its body protection level reaches IP65, adapts to various harsh operating conditions. XCD-E7000 series inverters have a built-in ST (STMicroelectronics) 32-bit microprocessor, which is designed with a variety of arithmetic and logic operations and intelligent control functions. The output frequency accuracy is 0.1%-0.01%. At the same time, perfect detection and protection links can be set, which makes it could be better used in automation systems. Also, the soft start function not only reduces the impact of related equipment on the power grid, but also greatly reduces the damage to the equipment itself. This series inverters can be used in various mechanical equipment control fields.

Products Details

XCD-E7000 product application industry: Papermaking, food, fan, water pump, textile, printing, pharmaceutical, copper, printing and dyeing, packaging, woodworking machinery and other industriesHandling Skills of Frequency Inverter Undervoltage In order to protect the frequency inverter, when the bus voltage is too low, the frequency inverter will report an undervoltage fault and block the frequency inverter's pulse output. This is an important and necessary method to protect the frequency inverter components from damage. This fault cannot be shielded either. There is a bus voltage check mechanism inside the frequency inverter. When the measured value of the bus voltage is lower than a certain threshold, the frequency inverter will report an undervoltage fault. There are many reasons for the undervoltage of the DC bus, which should be analyzed according to the actual situation. If you find the right root cause and then prescribe the right medicine, it can usually be solved. 1. The first is the influence from the incoming line voltage. 2. The second is the influence from the output end, that is, the inverter side. 3. Finally, there is a hardware problem.XCD-E7000 product application industry: Processing centers, large complete sets of equipment, plastic machinery, textiles, printing, copper materials, printing and dyeing, packaging, woodworking machinery and other industries

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