Technical Query: Seeking Frequency Converter for 380V 50HZ Vessel Power

2023-03-26 06:12:36 By : Mr. Syed Yasir
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(Siemens frequency converters).

Frequency converters, also known as variable frequency drives (VFDs), are electronic devices that control the speed of an AC motor by varying the frequency and voltage of the input power. These devices are widely used in various industries, including the marine industry, where they are used to control the speed of ships' propulsion systems.

Siemens, a global leader in the production of frequency converters, has a wide range of products that can meet the requirements of different applications. Siemens frequency converters are known for their high efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance requirements.

For the customer's application, a Siemens frequency converter with the following specifications may be suitable:

- Voltage: 380V
- Frequency: 50Hz
- Phase: 3
- Number of poles: 4

Frequency Converter  - Entries - Forum - Industry Support - Siemens

- Power: 30-40KW

The exact power requirement would depend on the specific application and the details of the motor being used. It would be recommended to consult a Siemens representative or an experienced electrical engineer to determine the best product for the specific application.

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